The strategy to develop your digital maturity

OPUSnet's mission is to help any company to realign with digitalisation as a core component of the internal functions.

Build a common vocabulary, know its dependencies, its strengths, its priorities and its taste for risk, in order to assess its corporate culture and the inertia to change that may accompany it.

What's your strategy?

Digitalization advice and coaching

Whether outside or internally with the company, the influx of data is increasing exponentially, requiring, among other things, an increased presence of IT.

What impact does this flood of data have on corporate culture? Should we expect changes?

What strategy should be developed to stay tuned and respond to all these requests?

OPUSnet introduces you to the basic concepts of digitization, familiarizes you with its vocabulary and prepares you for its challenges.

A foolproof Business Model?

Each Business Model is unique. How to enhance its market share and your companys relevance in the marketplace against competitors who have already undergone their transformation?

The perception of a company in the digital world (supply and demand) is crucial and opens up new opportunities.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are invaluable tools for a good understanding of the health of your business. Do you have it; do you KNOW how to use them?

Can your organizational structure absorb this new rhythm and remain “consumer-centric”?

OPUSnet is there to help you expand your vision and review the order of your priorities on an ongoing basis.

Digital maturity analysis and report

Maturity is a succession of transformations, comparable to a child who grows up and goes through its education’s cycles: middle school, high school, university ...

Based on KPIs, two main axes make it possible to estimate maturity: the evaluation of "the maturity of the Business request" and the evaluation of "the capacity of the service provider (IT)".

Before any change it is necessary, in order to measure the success, to carry out an inventory of fixtures for purposes of comparison "before - after".

OPUSnet formalizes a maturity analysis including the collection of in situ information, its study and recommendations. Based on this report, the vision and priorities can be updated to start the next phase: organizing potential transformations.

Transformation Organization(s)

With the new, updated vision and the priorities defined, the next phase is to organize the transformation(s). To do this, it is essential to understand the impact of changes and their consequences with / on their actors.

Guarantor of the strategy, a project portfolio makes it possible to plan the transformation(s) and to ensure their ongoing follow-up.

At the same time, supervision of the adoption of the transformation should be implemented.

OPUSnet's expertise in Portfolio and Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) supports you in transforming your organisation.