From Vision to Transformation

Are you missing a strategy to implement tactics: Digitization is the computerization of Industry 4.0. Not to mention the 5th revolution, with its human-machine partnership and mass customization.

Do you have to change everything at once or set up a support and evolution function to make the structure of your company ready for innovation?

Acquisition of fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with the terms digitization, digital maturity and digital transformation, before understanding what this revolution brings to the industry, with the aim of evaluating your Business Model.

Maturing your Vision

Create a digitalization strategy. To achieve this, it is necessary to analyse your environment in order to give yourself vision and list of objectives: it is strategy.

A digitization strategy is a company's long-term plan to evolve with digital transformations.

Plan and lead your Transformation

Implementing the strategy, its priorities will naturally follow one another according to the needs of the structure of the organization, the relationship between Business-IT, production ... it's tactics.

OPUSnet, your partner in digitalization

Does this sound complex to you? OPUSnet is there to support you on this journey.

Contact us to answer your questions and find pertinent, bespoke solutions, adapted to your business.

The strategy to develop your digital maturity

Digitalization Coaching

Acquiring the concepts of digitization requires a change in corporate culture.

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Business Model

Review your vision and with digitisation in mind to develop your Business Model: new opportunities?

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Digital maturity

On the basis of the strategy, we can organize the transformations. During any journey that involves change, you have to adapt on the fly. We can help you with that.

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The tactics to drive your transformation

Portfolio Management

Pivot your company’s values to optimise the approach, whether in "Waterfall", Hybrid or Agile mode.

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Business Relationship Management

More data means more IT: Business demand and IT service capacity must evolve together.

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Transformation and Monitoring

Drive change with KPIs consolidated in synthetic dashboards.

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